Celebrating and Smiling

Looking at them makes me want to celebrate and smile. So many times I felt like I see other families that have a child and have a new pregnancy and they either totally disappear from social media or they only talk about the new baby.


Allison is struggling with not being the only kid in the house and is learning how to navigate this sisterhood she never knew in this way with Logan.


It’s a hard place to be to celebrate the new and the gifts that have taken literal years to create and mountains that we’re moved. But I also have to celebrate what brought me here. Without losing Logan baby Love we wouldn’t be holding Jojo.


So how do you celebrate both? It’s a hard place to be this Mother’s Day. It’s not easy to describe this confusion of joy and sorrow over having and missing it all.

To my fellow moms who know this, know I feel you and I’m sure I’m not alone. Tell me all your beautiful children (on earth and heaven!) and I’d love to pray for them as we go into this hard weekend!


Author: Beyondthewillows

I'm a wife, mother to two incredible children. One on Earth and one in heaven.

One thought on “Celebrating and Smiling”

  1. Our hard times came later when Neko hit 2 years old and was especially cute and funny. Toccoa would always say we loved him more or thought he was cuter than her. But we were honest with her, “Yes, he’s cuter. But no, we don’t love him more.” She finally understood it when Bodhi was born when she had to learn to navigate her affections between two little brothers … and see that, no, we didn’t love one over the other. She does think Bodhi gets away with more things though. 🙂 But we try to make time for each individual kid – even if it’s just a walk around the block or to grab dinner at their favorite restaurant. Ally just needs some alone time with each parent, and it doesn’t take long to fill their bucket again.


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